Security is based on order. Are you aware of how the protection of persons, property, know-how and information is organized, recorded and ensured in your company? Are your people well-trained and therefore always know what to do? If your answer is “NO” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, we at EAGLE EYE EXPLORATION are the right professionals to advise you on these matters.

Security Consulting and Education We provide independent security consulting for all types of organizations, institutions and segments. An experienced team of our experts will analyze your current situation, complete or modify the existing procedures and document everything. These services include not only the following, but also many other activities, which we always render according to an individual assessment of your situation. • Risk assessments and security audits; • Review, update, and preparation of security documentation; • Protection of classified information; • Preparation of feasibility studies; • Preparation of documentation on serious accident prevention. We will also prepare and implement our educational program including a set of trainings on the given topic for you. This way, your employees will become familiar with the current procedures, the latest trends, and the relevant laws. Be ensured that practical demonstrations or field exercises are included, as needed.

Security Risk Analysis & System Design Over the course of security analysis, we will break down the layout of your building into basic elements from the perspective of guarding, security technologies, internal company documentation, mechanical barriers and regimen measures and processes. We will identify internal vulnerabilities and external threats, as well as the existing protection mechanisms. Our common goal is to find as many vulnerabilities and deficiencies as possible to identify threats, risks, and possible negative impacts on your facility and organization. Then to determine how efficient and functional the existing security procedures really are. Following this, we will propose customized updates or implementation of new systems and measures in order to minimize all risks, or mitigate them to an acceptable level.

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