We will advise you regarding how to keep your material assets, virtual data, information and your know-how safe. Because hackers are a reality. Leakage and misuse of data are a reality too. And the resulting standstill of the entire company or the loss of reputation can accumulate to an enormous damage. This applies to all business areas!

• Do you have a hankering that your IT does not really know what to do about cybersecurity?

• Not sure if your organization could resist a focused hacker’s attack?

• Not sure that your employees would not leak important information under any circumstances?

• You have some knowledge, for example about vulnerabilities in different systems, but you have no idea what is dangerous and what is not?

• Not sure if your IT is adequately protecting your business?

We will give you clear answers to all questions above and any others. We will provide consultations and/or methodological guidance on the information security. Or we can advise you on how to secure data properly, or to select and configure the right solution for a two-factor authentication.

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