No matter how highly automated your security may be, nothing can replace the human interface of a professionally trained Security Officer. Known for their gentle demeanor towards customers but their tough stance towards perpetrators, our security officers continue to be the preferred choice for shopping malls, corporates, industries, diplomatic missions and residential areas.

Our Security Officers undergo intensive training programs that include: Protection and Preservation of Assets, Incident Management, Counter-Terrorism, Customer Care Skills, First Aid & Fire Safety.

In addition to their normal duties, our Security Officers can confidently handle gatehouse duties, front office duties, vehicle inspection, personal searches, perimeter and car park controls and monitoring of CCTV surveillance systems.

Our guards undergo frequent spot-checks from their supervisors to ensure they are on-duty and alert at all times. These inspections are closely monitored by management, with the guards having to sign an inspection log and the supervisors scanning on-site bar codes.

Alarm Response Combine early detection of intrusion with prompt response to enhance the chances of apprehending criminals and ensure your peace of mind.

K-9 Unit As an extra service we can provide highly trained guard dogs each with its own experienced dog-handler. Our German Shepherd dogs, with their training and acute sense of smell, can provide deterrence and an excellent additional line of defence to guards and electronic surveillance.

Sniffer Dogs & Guard Dogs  We have over 32 German Shepherds and Rottweilers Sniffer dogs on active duty today.

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