Our primary goal is to protect your life and health. We provide personal protection services in the Republic of Kenya and abroad. Our bodyguards accompany various types of clients. These can be the VIPs, such as politicians and people in show business, but also others who, for various reasons, feel temporarily in danger. All of our bodyguards are specially trained to recognize potential threats and keep the protected persons safe, they speak local and foreign languages and are well educated. Cooperation is built on the mutual trust between the client and the security team. We try not to interfere too much with our clients’ privacy and personal life. However, it always depends on the risks you are facing. We evaluate everything individually, according to the situation. If necessary, we will also provide you with safe transport. We have our own car fleet with specially trained and equipped crew.

Event Security We have vast experience with ensuring the security of various types of events and it is basically our daily bread. We are helping the production and organizers in their planning to the maximum extent. We share our know-how so that we are all properly prepared for the event. We will help you with the smooth running of events, such as: • Concerts and performances; • Sporting events; • Charity events; • VIP black-tie affairs; • Business conferences & trade shows, • Boutique openings & new collection launches; • Fashion shows; • Private parties; • Film and play premieres and red-carpet events. Our team is prepared for all types of possible incidents and the way they will be equipped and dressed for the event will ensure real tailor-made security. When organizing larger events with participation of VIPs, we cooperate with special units of the Police as well as with other authorities. In addition to the protection, we will gladly provide you with other related services

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